Why we offer Flat Rate Pricing …and how this protects you the consumer.

Every consumer is concerned about the price they pay for repairs – whether it’s their automobile, washing machine or furnace and air conditioner. All Air Systems employs an industry standard flat rate pricing system. The flat rate pricing system has two components: the diagnostic fee and the repair charge.

The Diagnostic Fee

The diagnostic fee is an initial flat fee to cover our time to travel to your home, perform the inspection of the unit to determine the operational problem, and provide you a firm, fixed price for the complete repair of your appliance.

The Repair Charge

The repair charge uses an industry standard formula accounting for regional labor and parts to price our repair to you. As a consumer, you are protected in that the total cost to you is known and authorized in advance of any repair work performed. The cost to you can never exceed the written price for the repair.

How does this business practice benefit you the consumer?

Advance knowledge of the diagnostic fee.

You will never pay more than the diagnostic fee until you authorize us in advance of performing any repair.

An opportunity to evaluate the cost of the repair.

You may accept the repair, decline the repair, or compare the repair cost with replacement cost of the unit.

The diagnostic fee is a warranty.

We warranty our diagnosis for 30 days. If you have another problem with the same unit within 30 days of our visit, we will return to your home at no cost to perform another diagnostic. We will provide you a written repair cost for a repair different from the initial repair or, if necessary, correct the initial repair.

We know repairs are never desirable and can be expensive. We make every effort to make our repairs competitive, prompt and complete the first time.

We know there are many choices when picking your heating and cooling partner. Thank you for choosing All Air Systems.